Saturday, January 22, 2011

DIY Crazy Plates

After seeing this post by censational girl I was inspired to create some monogrammed plates for myself! She does a great jog breaking down the steps in her tutorial. I did a slightly different take on it using these cheeky geometric IOMOI plates as inspiration:

Supplies I used:
*glass paint
*sticky backed foam
*clear glass plates (I found mine at Walmart for $1 each)
*paint brushes

I drew on, cut, and adhered the foam to the plates as an outline for the monogram (don't forget to do letters backwards if not symmetrical.)

Next I used bright colors to paint on the letters and I let them dry before doing the background patterns.

After the paint dried, I laid the plates upside down on a pattern and free hand painted the background design.

Here are the finished plates. I love that the paint is on the back of the plate so it never touches food!

(blue zebra on green monogram)

(yellow zebra with teal monogram)

(green chevron with teal monogram)

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  1. Those turned out great! Ive been wanting some appetizer plates. You have inspired me. ;)