Monday, January 31, 2011

Lamp Makeover

Ever since I saw the picture from my previous post in Rue Magazine, I've been obsessed with yellow lamps. I guess I've been subliminally loving them for some time since I found a number of yellow lamps bookmarked into my favorites:

Love teal, yellow and white!

Yellow with black

Classic "jar" style lamp

The original picture that started this all...

Lovely color scheme

Electric yellow!

I found an imperfect lamp at Marshall's for $11 that needed a little love. The shade was crooked and there was a dent in the base:

I fixed it up and tried a ton of different shades of yellow (yellow is one of the hardest colors to get right) before settling on this color called jaune moyen.

It's fun, quirky, and totally ties in the yellow accents in the room:

I'll probably repaint it in a few months when I get sick of the color... that's the beauty of paint!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trunk Love

A chic little addition

to my travel themed guest room.

(please excuse the crummy iphone pics)

Inspired by:


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eclectic Madness

There is an art to the mismatched eclectic look... zebra, orange, purple, gold, black, textures, old & new, patterns, and bold colors! Some designers are so talented at making it look effortless and stunning at the same time:

cowhide + geometric + global accents

lovely mix

bold contrast!

love the different light fixtures

vintage & nouveau

unexpected color combo

crazy patterns

love those chandeliers + the busy curtains

black & white geo + bricks

fun mismatched chairs!

interesting heights

bold color choices

I could never pull it off- it always feels like clutter!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Etsy Treasury 1/26

"Dream a Little Dream"
(I'm bottom row... second from the left!)

Anthro Finds Spring '11

Is it spring yet? Here a are a few of my faves from Anthropologie's new collection:

Sea Sparkle Earrings

Crochet Blouse

Constantinople Chandelier

Abstract Dress

Elephant Hook

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dining Room Mini Update

My mini dining room update is complete (I think...) My two main goals were to not compromise the original chairs and add brightness/contrast to the room at the same time.

After Pic:
(Scroll to bottom for the icky before pics)
I tried using elements of my master bedroom makeover to inspire my choices.

Here are the 6 simple pieces to the update:
  • entry way color
  • texture
  • high contrast furniture
  • hanging orb
  • console table
  • symmetrical lamps
1. Entry Way Color: I added some color to the front porch entry with birds of paradise from Lowe's and large glazed pots from Ross.

Inspiration Photo:

2. Sisal Rug: A woven jute rug added instant texture to the tile flooring.

I found mine at OSH of all places.

Inspiration Photo:

3. High Contrast Furniture: My $14 Target black slip covers are an instant makeover all on their own (they were a beige before). Plus, they are removable and machine washable. I hung white curtains that create great contrast against the black chairs.

Inspiration Photos:

4. Hanging Orb Chandelier: This is a throwback to college days... I like it because it's light and bright (and cheap)!

Inspiration Photos:

5. Console Table, Symmetrical Lamps, and Pops of Color: Check out my DIY console table post here.

Inspiration Photos:

Little pops of color make a big difference:

Here are the icky before pics.... bla!