Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby update: 17 weeks

So this week I finished work for the summer and I'm getting used to the fact that I'll have more time and ENERGY to do some baby related planning. Since none of the really fun stuff has been started (nursery set up and baby name brainstorming) I figured I would get busy. I picked up some baby reading at Borders and came home with a gorgeous Serena & Lily nursery planning book. I love them! Their nurseries are timeless and not too 'Disney' or cartoon-esqu.

I decided to start big picture and fill in the small details once we know boy or girl (June 20). The book outlines the 4 major items all nurseries need:

changing surface
place for feeding (chair)

This simple list is a great starting point... no need to be overwhelmed by the fun stuff! Here's my progress on the 'list' so far:

Crib: Last Thursday we pulled together all or our Babies'RUs gift cards and headed over to what I thought would be a simple trip to the baby store to order a crib. It turns out there is a TON to learn about cribs and I was there from 4-6 and the poor husband was there from 5-6 straight from work. Poor guy...  We did walk away with a ton of knowledge (now we know the conversion positions from toddler, to day bed, to full size bed, etc.) AND we ordered our crib! It should be here sometime in June. Here's what it looks like. I love that it's not too frilly and it doesn't look like a cage from Ikea.
Changing Surface: So I figured out that this does not have to be a "changing table" and can take the form of a dresser, an old refurbished vintage desk, a book case, etc. It just has to be safe :) I'm hoping to find a white dresser or charming desk that's the right size and length and dress it up with some cute drawer pulls I found at World Market. 

Nothing really wow-ed me stylistically at Babies R Us (mostly because I was exhausted) so I've been on etsy cruising for one of a kind baby accents. I happened to find a gal who makes these changing pad cover thingys (I'm guessing you go through more than one??) in ANY color. LOVE the azure and aquamarine.

Storage: I've already decided on the storage piece for the room. The expedit bookcase lends itself to showing off cute baby trinkets, books, and is really easy storage for small items. I'm hoping to learn how to make the 12" canvas cube drawers with some pretty coordinating fabrics. Ikea also sells pretty woven storage cubes to add beachy texture to the room. These are super affordable... ranging from $69-$120. I'm not totally sure on the size yet but this one is about 5' tall and seems to be about right:

 The possibilities seem endless for how to arrange stored items. I also think the short one is cute too:

Place for feeding (chair): I have no idea where to start here. This seems like a huge purchase and there are so many options out there. Chairs that slide, glide, swivel along with ottomans that do the same. If any pro moms have advice on what to get, what is necessary, and what is overkill, please tell me! It seems $400 is a lot to spend on one chair and that seems to be the going rate.

So to recap, we have one out of four crossed off the list! Yippee! Not too bad for 17 weeks in.

changing surface
place for feeding (chair)

P.S. Baby is the size of an onion today... haha!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Room Inspiration


Regardless if baby is a boy or a girl, I've decided I must have cabana stripes, high contrast details, and turquoise blue, mango or yellow accents!

Loving this warm weather! I need that mustard yellow top, striped tunic, and Trina Turk's outdoor accessories for this summer :) 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby H's Stats

Sorry about the lack of posts in March and April... we found out I'm pregnant on March 1st and I haven't had the same number of waking hours to web surf and post as I usually do... I'm pretty pooped by 9:00 or 10:00 at night. That being said, I have a little more energy now and baby H is growing away. Here are the latest stats:

Tomorrow we will be at 15 weeks which means the baby is the size of a naval orange!
We've had 2 ultrasounds and have heard the heart beat. Our next ultrasound is in June and we find out the sex. We are both pretty convinced it's a boy but we shall see... baby is due November 6th.

No names are picked out yet... stay tuned.

Nothing has been done about a nursery or picking out decor due to my beefed up sleeping schedule and lack of engery! Work and family stuff has been taking up most of my time anyway lately. This week I had a burst of energy and I started figuring out what kinds of spaces I like for the little one that aren't too "Disney" and that mesh with the rest of the house decor.

Here's a picture of the cutie taken at 13 weeks:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

West Elm

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need one of everything from West Elm's summer collection. Normally I'm not a big West Elm fan... it's too gray and contemporary for me, but this summer's catalog is fantastic!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Esty Feature: 5/10

May/June Lonny

The May/June issue of Lonny is out! Here are my favorite pics from this month:

I wish I had this striped cabana in my backyard!

What a fun office space!

 Pretty tiled wallpaper...
 I'm a sucker for children's books... what a cute idea!
Portable bar? Yes please...