Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 Quirky Finds

Retro handset for the iPhone (available on Amazon) 
 Lego math worksheet~ I am soo trying this with my students (via ohdeeoh).

Patchwork fabric USA map (via ohdeeoh).

Cute idea for the closet...

Via Arianna Belle 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nursery Progress Aug 2011

Nursery Update: 
The shelves have been repurposed, pulled apart, painted, and freely mounted to the walls... thanks Hardys for all the help! 
You can see the DIY one of a kind fabric storage cubes in the reflection:

Our yard sale score: Pottery Barn changing table (shelves lined with clear contact paper for wear & tear)
 Lion Dream Ring by Bla Bla
 DIY Kinko's Art is complete and hung over the crib (which still needs a mattress).

 Small touches that tie in with the house decor and add softness:
 Cali Pillow: Love, California (etsy.com)
 DIY burp rag to tie in with the peacock fabric throughout the room and entire house:
 All-natural baby goodies:
 The little beast!
 Puppy Tail Hooks from Ikea

 Monogram art (If you know the name, don't give it away yet!)
 "White noise"