Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY Unique Storage Cubes

I'm finding that a lot of baby supplies and decor are really overpriced and some of this stuff I can make on my own. I love these DwellStudio storage cubes but they are $80 each not counting tax & shipping. That's a little outrageous for one box!

Large Transportation Storage Bin $80 Dwell Studio
Dots Chocolate Storage Bin $80 Dwell Studio

Here's my DIY no-sew version for a lot less: 

glue gun 
measuring tape 
storage bins ($5 each walmart) 
fabric scissors 

1. Iron your fabric.

2. Measure the fabric cube... these were the 11" by 11" $5 ones from walmart in beige and navy blue.

3. Using hot glue, carefully wrap the fabric cube with the cut piece of fabric.

4. Cut a small rectangle out of matching fabric for the handle. Wrap under and glue on top, bottom, and sides for a clean strip.
7. Ta Da!

 I hope to get a couple more just like them done this week.

Perfect for storing baby toys, gifts, etc!

I also want to try to make a cube inspired by this Layla Grace Zebra one:

Etsy has some great iron on appliques all for under $5 each:  
More to come...


  1. You are so crafty....love the baby bins! Your baby's nursery is going to be so cute and "designer" I can't wait to see it all done!