Friday, July 1, 2011

Asymmetrical Gallery Wall

Hanging an asymmetrical gallery wall can be a bit of a challenge... arranging the frames can seem impossible with the endless arrays and orientations!  Since this wall is flanked with 2 symmetrical windows, a mismatched collection of frames is pretty much the only way to go.

I hit up the one cent sale at Aaron Brothers and the 50% off sale at Michales to find some pretty frames that went well with a few I had around the house. These frames all need prints in them but that's for another day!

Step 1: Line the wall with wax paper and attach the sheets together to make one big sheet.

Step 2: Lay the big sheet of wax on the floor and play around with the frames until the arrangement looks right. Line the frames with scotch tape first and then trace around them onto the paper.

Step 3: Take the frames off and lay them under your blue print to mark where the hooks are on each frame. 

Step 4: Hang the sheet back up on the wall and move it around until you like the arrangement within the space. 

 Step 5: Make sure your lines are all level!

 Step 6: Start hanging over the wax. Once it looks good, remove the picture frames and tear down the wax paper... the nails and screws should stay put just fine. 

 Ta da!

No extra holes in the wall :) 

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