Monday, August 1, 2011

Nursery Progress Aug 2011

Nursery Update: 
The shelves have been repurposed, pulled apart, painted, and freely mounted to the walls... thanks Hardys for all the help! 
You can see the DIY one of a kind fabric storage cubes in the reflection:

Our yard sale score: Pottery Barn changing table (shelves lined with clear contact paper for wear & tear)
 Lion Dream Ring by Bla Bla
 DIY Kinko's Art is complete and hung over the crib (which still needs a mattress).

 Small touches that tie in with the house decor and add softness:
 Cali Pillow: Love, California (
 DIY burp rag to tie in with the peacock fabric throughout the room and entire house:
 All-natural baby goodies:
 The little beast!
 Puppy Tail Hooks from Ikea

 Monogram art (If you know the name, don't give it away yet!)
 "White noise"


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  1. This all looks so great Jess! You sure are talented! Love the puppy dog tail hooks, among everything else : )