Monday, January 17, 2011

DIY Console Table

After hosting dinner for 17 on Christmas I quickly learned the importance of a console or buffet table. They are necessary for buffet style dinners, storage, and just extra counter space. This Jonathan Adler table (Preston Console Table $1,950) is the inspiration for my adventures in Home Depot this weekend.

Here's my finished buffet table: (Scroll for the DIY pics.)

1. ply wood
2. 2"x4" beams for support
3. wood glue
4. mini paint roller
5. semi gloss paint
6. drill gun & screws
7. sand paper

(measure carefully and drill drill drill...)

(Fill all gaps and smooth seams with wood glue- this is key for a seamless and finished look!)

(Make sure it's level!)

(Dry, sand, & paint... I chose "Balsamic" from Kelly Moore mixed with black to create a black/brown color.)

Ta da!

My total price after 2 trips to Home Depot: $38... not too bad for a custom sized table that's just perfect for this wall! Total measurements: 11" x 72" x 40"

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