Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Large Tin Wall Panel

This week's project is a recreation of the tin wall panel from Rolling Greens in Hollywood (check out my post about the gardens/shop here).

I found an over sized outdoor wall panel (about 2.5' by 5') on clearance at Pier 1 not long ago but the colors were all wrong.

(before)It got a paint job of many many many paint colors & coats: white, yellow, gray, taupe, gold, and then white again. I did this with a coarse brush to make it look rich in texture and aged like the tiles in the inspiration piece above.

Then it got a coat of charcoal gray/brown with a super wide brush to highlight the raised textures.

Since it is constructed out of tin, it is super light weight and was easy to hang.

I hung it in my bedroom... voila!

The tin texture is perfectly magnetic so I can hang little keepsakes, photos, mantras, holiday stuff, etc. Here are a few ideas of what I would hang....

I would like to order one of these custom anniversary mementos from this etsy shop:
Another fun idea... "Keep Calm" mantra from this etsy shop:

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