Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simple Halloween Decor

I have a hard time spending a lot on seasonal decor since it feels so temporary and can easily get overdone or tacky. I decided to give myself a budget of $30 to grab a few more things to add to my slowly growing seasonal decor stash. I tried to keep everything simple, understated, and cohesive with the rest of my home decor:
(apothacary jars hold yummy treats in the front entry way)

(our Halloween Mascot, Bandit in a cute frame from Marshalls)

(for all the cute trick-or-treaters) (non-messy wooden jack-0-lantern)(Tokyo Milk soap found at a local boutique)

(Bathroom art- scanned & enlarged tokyo milk soap wrapper)

(fun with wine labels left over from last year) (more wine label fun)

That's all for now! Next year I'll add a few more things to my tiny collection.

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