Thursday, January 26, 2012

Superfood Smoothie

Anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot cook to save my life (luckily I am married to a culinary genius). Just because I can't prep a meal doesn't mean I'm not obsessed with healthy eating, clean food, and preservative-free lifestyle. We all know that organic raw & uncooked veggies are the best way go but they don't exactly make for a yummy snack. My friend Mindy got me hooked on spinach smoothies and ever since I got pregnant (and now breastfeeding), I've been even more obsessed with eating super foods that are high in folate, vitamins and omega 3s. Here's a super quick smoothie recipe I made this morning... 5 ingredients total:
 organic baby spinach, organic raw Kale (super food!) and frozen mangoes...

toss in some of your favorite seeds (flax seed, pumpkin seed, or chia seed) for Omega 3s

(I raid the bins at Whole Foods)...
dump all this into some oj and blend up (love my magic bullet) and tada... Super Smoothie!

Side note, make sure your greens are organic since leafy plants have a very high pesticide index.

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