Sunday, February 13, 2011

DIY Beaded Chandelier

My "placeholder" orb chandelier in the dining room makeover project just wasn't cutting it but luckily I finally, finally FINALLY found the perfect piece for my dining room.... a gorgeous, beaded "villa-by-the-beach" inspired chandelier: 




 (Hollywood Roadtrip: Anthro at the Grove)


 (Marjorie Skouras)

(Marjorie Skouras Design)

(Marjorie Skouras Design)


I wasn't really cool with spending the $4,000 on the Marjorie piece so off to Ikea and Michael's I went. I grabbed this great chandelier from Ikea ($49.99) which is both electrical and candle lit!  

Then grabbed some wooden sphere beads from Michael's (I used 15 bags of these). I had to drill holes in the larger ones and then they were ready to paint.

They all got a coat of "jade" blue spray paint from Michael's and then I filled in the bald spots with a matching acrylic paint. 

After stringing 10 large strands together with silver findings, 3 medium vertical hanging strands in the center, and 5 mini strands hanging from each light shade I got the finished look. (It's easier said than done... it took me a couple hours on Sat. and a couple hours on Sun.) Hope you enjoy the "after photos."

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  1. Looks awesome!! How did you attach the strands to the chandelier?