Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Inspired- Look for Less

Even though we're (hopefully) at the tail end of winter... I can't help dreaming about how much elegance and timelessness a beautiful fire place adds to any family room. We don't have one and I'm glad we opted not to get the upgrade (it would have gone in the dining room... a crazy place to put it, I think). But I have been scheming about how to add some elegance and depth to our small downstairs family room.

I think it's beautiful how most of these images have art work above the mantels, but we are by no means a "tv free" household. The TV goes above... How else would I watch Housewives while reheating my TJ's pasta? 
Here are my inspiration pics: 

(love the framed TV)

(notice the Octopus Triptych?)

I'm pretty sure I found a solution... more to come ;)

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