Monday, November 1, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

This project has been about 6 weeks in the making, primarily because I've been working during the day, I had to wait for a day off to paint, and I had to borrow a truck to pick up the new bed. I went all out though... it was time for a change. I re-painted, hung curtains, painted the fan, changed wall decor, painted end tables, got a new bed & lamps, and cruised etsy for some unique accents. My hope was to keep a Mediterranean-beachy feel but update the room to make it brighter, lighter, more modern, and more sophisticated.

Hope you enjoy the end result!

(After pics)

(Check out the "before pics" at the bottom of the post)

(Curtain tie-backs match some of the old accent pieces in the room... $4.99 at Marshall's!)

(This fan was originally a horrible faux wood color... blah!)

Here are some of the rooms that inspired the project:

(Shawn Jackson)
(I love the combo of black, white and yellow in these rooms.)

(Rachel Zoe's Missoni-esqu room inspired the pillow choices.)

(That bed! Those lamps! I love the simplicity of this Real Housewife's room)

Some yucky before pics...

(The end tables before I painted them- doesn't look right with that new beautiful lucite lamp!)

I stuck to a budget of $300 by repurposing what I already had and taking advantage of Ikea and Marshall's prices. I think I'll put the drill gun away for awhile :)

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