Sunday, November 28, 2010

DIY Medallion

This morning's DIY was a ceiling medallion for my DIY palm chandelier!

(Abode Love)

(Patricia Gray)

(Habitually Chic)

The ceiling/sheet rock was a little uneven and jagged around the chandelier base where the original ceiling light was installed so it looked unfinished up close.

Soooo... a medallion was the perfect solution. I think they are really fun and add a little finishing touch to a room.

I picked one up from Home Depot for $24...

got out my drill gun...

removed the chandelier...

mounted, painted, and measured to make sure the base fit inside...

painted the screws white, and re-installed the chandelier!

Ta da! It totally covers the holes in the sheet rock and adds some extra glam to the guest room.

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