Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY Mouse Pad

My Powerbook just turned 6 so it's been around for awhile... the mouse pad starting sticking not long ago so my wireless mouse is now necessary for my sanity. Nowhere sells cute mouse pads that match my decor so I decided to make one with scrapbook paper and double stick foam sheets from Michael's.

(One side)

The project was super quick. I peeled off the sticky foam backing, slapped on a cute sheet of scrapbook paper. I chose paper from Anna Griffin's collection~ beachy and bright!

(The reverse side)

Repeat this for the other side of the foam and voila, a double-sided mouse paper. As a finishing touch I cut off rounded corners to make it look like an actual mouse pad and I added these cute little Louis V stickers I've had laying around to the mouse itself. A posh little upgrade for my good old powerbook :) Gotta love scrapbook paper... it has a million uses!

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