Thursday, April 1, 2010

Designer inspired projects...

I love love love cruising fashion and interior designer blogs. It's fun to see what's new and happening out there in the designer world. Here are some of my favorite designer finds I've been drooling over lately (and how I've recreated/hunted down some of them on my own for wayyyyyy less) Muahahaa...

1. Gumps' White Garden Stool $195

My find at Ross for $14.99 (I seriously can't tell the difference and it costs less than the shipping alone on the designer one... yay)

2. Blue Artichoke Lamp $625 (Found in Coastal Living Magazine)

My version: $19 found on clearance at Marshall's (My second sea urchin lamp but who's counting) It came in all white so it just needed a quick paint job and voila! Not exactly an artichoke, but I like the sea urchin texture better anyway!

3. Jonathan Adler's Seahorse Sculpture $150 Jonathan

My rendition: $9 (formerly ugly yellow and orange) seahorse from Marshall's. It just needed multiple coats of white acrylic paint in matte finish and then some khaki colored paint to highlight the texture. I originally wanted to make a stand for it and then changed my mind and hung it on this little wall above the stairs to break up some of the symmetry and lines above the staircase. I also noticed that my version is actually a little larger than the Jonathan Adler one... bonus :)

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