Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Montessori Learning Tower

I'm happy to finally gather up and post some of these pics of our new DIY Montessori Learning Tower inspired by Jenny's DIY from  Mint in the Middle. She has really great measurements posted in her comments, by the way.

Anyone with a toddler knows how much of their day revolves around food and our little 19 month old is especially interested in being involved with whatever is going on in the kitchen. We are really enjoying reinforcing his booming vocabulary with fun, hands-on, sensory experiences. He's up in his tower every day picking, washing, mixing, smelling, chopping, and squishing.

We are really happy with the results! This is such a great alternative to the super bulky and pricey ones for sale.

The finished tower only cost around $45 (compared to $200)
Making Play Dough

These cherries were fun to wash, chop, smell and of course, taste!

Zucchini "Nini" Pancakes

Measuring and scooping dry noodles

A dash of cinnamon makes everything tastier!

Helping mom make a salad

"Miss Miss" (mix mix)


Helping dad make the tower... "Tools!"

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