Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

It's a boy!!!

We are so excited! Time to get serious about setting up this nursery... we have all 4 major pieces of furniture squared away now: 

changing surface
place for feeding (chair)

 We scored a Pottery Barn changing table at the neighborhood garage sale,  

and snagged this rocking chair online (thanks Lindsay for the recommendation).
For storage and decoration we plan on re-purposing the shelves that are currently in the room.

We also know that the main color will be blue (shocking, right?) Instead of baby blue we are opting for a bright turquoise blue! Bits of lemon yellow and papaya orange will be woven in for color (can you tell I'm craving fruit?)

A photo to document the not-so-fun part... cleaning out the contents of the office closet. Yikes!

Now the little one has a space for all those adorable onesies. 

Our little "banana" is getting bigger by the week!


  1. Soooo exciting!!!!!!! :) I've been waiting to hear the are going to LOVE having a boy! And I think the turqouise/yellow/orange theme is perfect. Congratulations Jessica!