Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy Pillows

I might have pillow ADD... but it's the easiest way to add instant personality & vibe to a room. I'm constantly changing the pillow cases and replicating designer threads for way cheap. I get my fabric from Walmart ($4 yard) and recycle the inserts... total cost is about $2 per pillow. Here are 4 new pillow cases I made yesterday:

Green chevron stripe: I measured and sewed the case up, cut 5" pieces of painter's tape, measured out the zig zags and then painted with fabric paint ($1.50 Michael's). Peel off the tape and the outcome is very crisp... totally machine washable (a MUST in a puppy friendly house).

Here's a blue chevron stripe pillow case using 6" pieces of tape for a slightly bigger stripe.

The linen reverse side gives them a cleaner look and is very soft for actually using the pillows. (The painted side has a slight textured feel.)

Combined with the Moroccan print pillows I made last spring...

The yellow Otomi inspired pillow was made by sewing an 18" embroidered fabric panel I brought home from Mexico onto a plain white pillow. Really, it couldn't have been easier. I did this while the paint was drying on the pillows. It reminds me of this Jonathan Adler pillow shown below (no longer available).


I think it was a fun/easy/cheap project to add a little summery latin vibe to the casa.

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