Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Green

This post is nothing to do with design, but I'm in an organic/ green product sort of kick so here are just a few of my favorite chemical-free, paraben-free, earth friendly products...

Pacifica perfume & candles are chemical free and burn clean. These solid perfumes are great because they don't spill in your purse and are super small for stashing at work, etc. I found mine at Nugget Market and I like the Malibou Lemon the best!

This lemon-cream scented lotion in from JR Watkin's and is amazing... chemical free, paraben free, organic, and smells like lemon pastries. $8.99 at Nugget Market or Ulta and doesn't load your skin up with unhealthy plastics or toxins.

I searched and searched for a sun safe and chemical free sunscreen last summer. I settled on MyChelle because it meets European standards for product safety (which are way stricter than those of the U.S.) and it didn't clog my pores or make my skin oily. I spent a little bit more than I would on regular sunscreen, but I think it's worth it: $28 at Elliott's Natural Market

That's all for now...

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